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Factors Affecting Concrete Overlay Cost | Wylie Concrete Kings
December 10, 2022

What Affects the Cost of a Concrete Overlay?

Are you thinking about redoing your existing concrete driveway or concrete patio? You can add a decorative touch to your pool deck and other concrete floors. Installing a concrete overlay is a great way to achieve these things without breaking the bank. In this post, we’ll explore some factors that affect concrete overlay cost and how concrete contractors price their services if you want to hire them for a concrete resurfacing project.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Completing A DIY Concrete Overlay Project | Wylie Concrete Kings
November 26, 2022

Concrete Overlays For Home And Business Owners

Concrete is a durable construction material and a popular choice for commercial and residential applications. However, it can be susceptible to wear and tear over time, staining, and other damage. A concrete overlay is a great way to update the look of your existing concrete surfaces and protect them from further damage. Hiring a professional concrete contractor is crucial if you want to install concrete overlays over large concrete floors; however, you can use a DIY concrete overlay project for small concrete areas.

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